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Botanopia Deluxe Germination & Propagation Gift Set

Botanopia Deluxe Germination & Propagation Gift Set


A simple and beautiful way to grow plants. Botanopia celebrates the beauty of nature and the magical force that transforms small seeds into giant trees, and what better time of the year to bring your plant seeds indoors and watch them grow literally in front of your eyes. 

This is for those who want to experience an entire propagation product range in one beautiful package. Great if you can’t choose between the Small germination plate and the Large and simply want it all! Home desk, work desk, a daily dose of nature in our lives is just what we need.  

Here’s what’s in the box:

  • 1 porcelain plate size S, for small seeds and plants. (acorns, chestnuts, small flower bulbs, cuttings or small cactus & succulents).
  • 1 porcelain plate size Large, for avocado pits, large flower bulbs, larger cactus & succulents.
  • 1 20ml bottle of Complete Organic Plant Food, to sustain your plants as they grow with their roots in water.
  • 1 small pack of assorted seeds. It contains both fast and slow germinating seeds. It includes various types of acorns, legumes and tree nuts.

The plates are made of porcelain, produced by hand in the EU. The plant food and seeds are also produced in the EU and packaged in their Amsterdam, NL studio. Beautifully packaged in a black and gold box recyclable box, including instructions.

Please visit botanopia's beautiful online shop for a comprehensive manual and video instructions on seed germination and more. 🌿

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