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Onion Studio is a creative space in North London founded by Anita Ferrari in 2014.

Eye-catching, functional and design-led products are at the heart of Anita's new Sella Collection and draw inspiration from her family home in Northern Italy.  The stunning and majestic Sella group and surrounding mountain ranges in the Dolomites is where, from an early age, Anita would climb and explore.  An intimate connection to this beautiful landscape inspired her early creativity and infuses her latest collection.  Anita has translated the landscape's strong geometric patterns and striking ever-changing colours to form a collection of functional and contemporary homeware designs.

Anita uses high quality, carefully sourced and sustainable raw materials including Scandinavian birch wood to produce Onion Studio's products.  They are carefully hand-crafted and curated with one-off designs uniting a diverse range of unique products.

Alongside the Sella range, Onion Studio has an eclectic collection of products from other independent designers and manufacturers that share the clear sense of purpose, design and functionality that embody Anita's philosophy.