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Piccolo Seed Collection - Small is beautiful

Piccolo Seed Collection - Small is beautiful


Italian Brand Piccolo was born in 2012 with the intention of offering a selection of seeds for urban gardens. 

The vegetable and plant seeds are especially designed for pot growing, including compact, dwarf varieties which are perfect for terrace garden spaces and balcony gardens. Fruits, edible flowers and vegetables sit beautifully side by side whilst providing an explosion of colour and culinary smells from their selection of exotic herbs.

The seed packets are beautifully designed and made from sustainable and completely recyclable materials. They say good things come in small packages, this is true of piccolo's seed collection, an art tapestry and unique gift for a beginner and  established gardener. 

  • All seeds can be planted outdoors before the end of June, apart from the Parsley which has another planting season from August to September.
  • A complete guide to sowing, caring and harvesting is supplied in your beautiful seed packet.
  • A guide of how to eat your freshly grown produce.
  • Made in Itay

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